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juni 8, 2017

Johan was very friendly and he managed to share his enthusiasm with us. The workshop was entertaining and fun. I liked the fact that he tried to remember our names; this creates a connection with the trainer and you feel more involved in the workshop.

At the beginning of the training, Johan asked us to write down what we expect to achieve by the end of the day. My list was:

  1. At the end of the day I want to be excited about the things I learned and willing to change my behavior to be more productive.
  2. I want to put things down in my notebook (that means I liked the ideas presented and I want to remember them)
  3. I want to be eager to discover what the second day of training brings us.

By the end of the training, I had a bunch of pages full of ideas to implement, interesting facts about attention and decision making and a list of books to read. I was excited to open Outlook and start organizing emails and tasks. The thing that I liked most is that we were encouraged to find something that works for us rather than just copy Johan’s methods.    Overall, the training exceeded my expectations and was really helpful for me to start being more careful with my everyday schedule and with the way I use my mental and phisical energy.

Thanks, Johan, for a great workshop. I already started to implement lists – small steps, started with the Action and Incubation lists. Also implemented some rules. All the best, Bianca

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